Free Praise &Worship Music

Free Christian 
Worship & Praise Music:

125 MP3 Hymns
(ZIP, 219mb, High Quality).

If you know of any “Good
FREE Christian Worship/Praise
 Music, please e-mail me:
Another 127 MP3 Hymns
(ZIP, 210mb, High Quality)
319 Hymns
MIDI, Sheet Music,Lyrics, ZIP, 16mb
All 125+127 Hymns
(ZIP, 110mb, Lower Quality Compression)
Worship Lyrics Song book:
[MS-Word Format]
Chords and Lyrics

My Favorite: The Redeemer Praise:  (MP3 #1)  (MP3 #2)
Nigerian Praise Music from

Other Christian Sites with Free

Shiloh Worship Music Album
40 Songs, 303mb, Zip, MP3, Contemporary Music
Free Jesus Music

28 MP3s, Zip, Folk Music, 58mb
Lift up your Hands

© 1973 Dayspring Community  This music is free and may not be reproduced for any commercial purposes.

Siloam, Folk Rock, 12 MP3s, Zip

Overlake Christian Church (my home church)

Sample Music

For Chinese Worship and Praise Music Click Here  
(6 CDs, including the Anointed Canaan Hymns) Worship Music, Lyrics, Chords, 26 Songs, 151mb Website

Seth CD (8 Songs,42mb)

Heawoon Jun (10 MP3 Songs)heawoonjun   @

African Style Worship MusicJoe Muniki Worship CD #1   (15 Songs, 52MB)
Trumpeters for Jesus by Joe Muniki (56MB, 13 Songs)

Kids Scripture Music, WMA Format

  1. Kids Scripture Songs 1-2:  (Zipped)  (47 mb)
  2. Kids Scripture Songs 3-4:  (Zipped)  (46 mb)
  3. Kids Scripture Songs 5-6:  (Zipped)  (44 mb)
  4. Kids Scripture Songs 7-8:  (Zipped)  (40 mb)
  5. Kids Scripture Songs 9-10: (Zipped)  (36 mb)
  6. Kids Scripture Songs 11-12: (Zipped)  (35 mb)
  7. Kids Scripture Songs 13-14: (Zipped)  (22 mb)
  8. Kids Scripture Songs 15-16: (Zipped)  (29 mb)
  9. Kids Scripture Songs 17-18: (Zipped)  (25 mb)
  10. Kids Scripture Songs 19-20: (Zipped)  (18 mb)

 Abigail Miller 120 Songs, 300mb, Mellow & Classical, Keyboard
Buddy Davis 240 Songs, 370mb, Folk & Country Western, Acoustic Guitar
 Dick Williams 24 Songs, 56mb, 1960’s Folk, Acoustic Guitar
 Jim Thorpe 47 Songs, 135mb, Folk & Classical Hymn, Acoustic Guitar
 Kirk Gable 1 54 Songs, 70mb, Folk & Classical Western, Acoustic Guitar
 Kirk Gable 2 124 Songs, 211mb, Folk & Classical Western, Full Band

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