How To Know God’s Perfect Will Husband For A Sister In Marriage.

How To Know God’s Perfect Will Husband For A Sister In Marriage.

How To Know God's Perfect Will Husband For A Sister In Marriage.

Understanding and knowing God’s perfect will husband or partner for a
sister in marriage often gives come sister an headache. Some of them
often feel confused while trying to decipher the perfect will partner
for them in marriage as a result of several marriage proposal propelling
on their ways.

However some sister’s have been inquiring about how they can know the
perfect will of God or husband for them in marriage. Most of them are
already dancing to the marital proposal of some counterfeit brothers and
imposter due to lack of understanding and I hope this article will
enlighten and direct them to the rightful ways on how to know God’s
perfect will husband or partner in marriage

What Is Marriage?

Marriage is a godly union which bond a sister together with a strange
man she never knew from Adam. It reunites you with a man whose character
is completely differs from your Dad. In marriage you are not expected
to behold same character or personality of your Dad in that strange man
because you’re of different world but perfected together to understand
and nurture one another.

This is reason why i call marriage a gambling business because your
expectation in marriage may differ from it manifest. There is no
marriage that is heavenly sent without challenges or uphill’s but with
understanding such challenges can be amended and yield fruitfully.

However as a young lady, you are definitely bound to have different
suitors, including rat, dogs, mad-men, crazy men, devil and demons etc.
That is reason why you need to take time to study each and every one of

The Qualities Of God’s Perfect Will Husband:

It’s very unfortunate that the man you are presently parading or in a
relationship doesn’t have the qualities of Adam. Adam never look for a
mate, he was busy naming animal, keeping the garden and fulfilling God
purpose and didn’t have time looking for a woman to marry. He
understands what he was appointed to do. 

Genesis 2:15-17
“Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to
cultivate it and keep it (16) The LORD God commanded the man, saying,
“From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; (17) but from the tree
of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that
you eat from it you will surely die” 

How To Know God’s Perfect Will Husband For A Sister In Marriage:

  1. Eden — The presence of the Lord: The man seeking for your
    hand in marriage needs to be in the presence of God. He must be born
    again Christian and Holy Ghost filled with brokenness in spirit. He must
    be committed unto godly fellowship in the church in order to be watered
    by the word of God.
  2. Work —  He was commanded to work and not looking for a woman:
    So to be a real man he needs a job. The perfect will godly man seeking
    your hand in marriage must a working class and able to afford for you
    upkeep and maintenance.
  3. The Guard — (Protect): He needs to be vigilant and able to
    protect what has been offered unto him with God’s words. The Man must be
    caring and able to nurture and concealed all your secrecy and not
    exposing them.
  4. Cultivate — He needs to develop everything around him: The perfect will man seeking for your hands in marriage must be productivity.
  5. Keep My Commandment: He must be a God fearing man always upholding godly instructions.

This simply means any man that qualifies to marry you must have 5 things in life.

  1. To Be in God presence.
  2. He should be working.
  3. He should know the word of God.
  4. Able to cultivate you.
  5. Capable of protecting you.

If he can’t protect you, can’t cultivate you, not working, not in God
presence and can’t teach you the word. That means is good for him to be
alone until he realizes what he was commissioned to enact.

Most of the time, many sisters often ask the man seeking for their hands in marriage a very stupid and wrong question, “Do You Love Me? That is a typical “Wrong Question” to ask any man seeking your attention for marriage.

You should bombard him with below questions which are biblical and if he
can’t approve any of the questions, which means you don’t deserved him.
Because he is an empty and puppy man seeking whom to devoured and

  • Hello Sir, Are You In God’s Presence?
  • Please Sir, Are You Working?
  • Sir, Can You Cultivate Me? (To Improve) Can You Make Me Better Than I Am?
  • Hello Sir, Can You Protect Me?
  • Please Can You Teach Me God’s Words?

These are the questions for a perfect will man seeking for your hands in marriage. Genesis 2:18 “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him”

  • This is the man who is in God’s presence.
  • This is a man who is working.
  • This a man who is cultivating and able to improves you.
  • This is a man who can protect you.
  • This is a man who can teach you the word of God.

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Therefore, it’s not good for that man to be alone. He certainly needs a
woman that can assist him; someone who he can nurture and helps to grows
zealously in God’s presence. Adam didn’t know that he needed a woman
but God has to interrupt him to get marry. Hence a man doesn’t need to
be marrying if he isn’t ready for marriage. If he can’t wait to get marry that means he is dangerous and you must runs from him.

Most of the time you will hear him saying, “I Need You”, Heh, my sister please you must run as fast you can. What he is literally saying is “I want to be a burden to you because am a parasite, looking for a sister to suck her blood”

Moreover, Adam never told God he needed a woman but was too busy been himself. And God says “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him” Majority
of men don’t understand their life and neither discovered themselves.
They are trying to get themselves out of you, using you to get value and
that is reason they often echo “I Need You, If You Leave Me I Will Die”

Please my beloved sisters let him died and go to Hell. They are simply
parasite because he doesn’t need anyone to be himself or complete. He
was born alone and his duty is to bring out the best in you and not
beholding you as source of his completion in life.

Summary Of God’s Perfect Will Husband:

  • Godly Relationship:

The relationship of the suitor with God is the first thing you ought to
verify. Is he spiritually devoted in words of God? How is his prayer
life, his evangelical life, weekly church activities, night vigil,
seriousness and godly character? What can you attest of him spiritual

  • Work —Is he a working class?

What is the source of his income? Is he a dubious person (419, yahoo’s,
smuggler etc)? How legal is the source of his income and can he cater
for your needs as his wife?

  • Security —  How secure is he going to give you?

Does he cares about your needs both emotionally, spiritually, mentally,
healthy and financially and able to defend you before his family and
external intruder’s? Are you going to be perfectly secure with him if
you get marry to him tomorrow?

  • Cultivate —  How is he going to nurture you?

Though Adam was instructed to cultivate his wife but he left her and
today you can behold where it has lead humanity. So, is he going to
cultivates, uphold and dressed you as his wife, both in caring,
defensive and love?

  • Knowledge —  How much do you know him in term of wisdom and knowledge about marriage?

Is he rooted with marriage experience and understanding? Does he really
knew what he is about to commit in getting marry to both your ugly sides
and good side? I mean, is he willing to overlooks your errors and
embraced you as his wife as a result of the wisdom he acquired about
marital relationship?

My beloved sister, this is exact principles you needs to look-out in
life of any man seeking your hands in marriage because God can’t give
you want you don’t deserved and he can’t force you to choose his perfect
will. You are expected to make a godly decision that will not ruin your
life tomorrow. There are thousands of beast men seeking for hands of
ladies in marriage while only few hundred of them are willing to be

So, kindly takes your time, raise your eyes and look deeply beyond
others to behold if such person is qualifies based on those divine
qualities. And if he does, that means he is God’s perfect will man for
you in marriage.

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